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Amateur Server – Debian & Virtualmin

xenno : August 24, 2011 12:50 pm : Linux, MySQL, PHP, Software

I know that when it comes to linux and run many say it’s hard. However, this impression remains only an impression that you remember fondly when you think about it that you ever had.

Needing a web server preferably contains Apache , MySQL and PHP that is not conditional on the money I got and I set up a unit using an older PC.
In Debian , you can install using manuals quite intuitive, the above can be installed following several options but my favorite version was a installation that includes a server manager as Virtualmin . This manager gives me the opportunity to manage multiple servers on the same drive (hardware) and I chose version under GPL (Open Source). more »

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PHP-MySQL Connection

xenno : May 30, 2011 2:22 pm : Codes, Mondo Technicus, MySQL, PHP

For some time I discovered how to make a connection between a PHP document (script) and a MySQL database. To create dynamic sites that write and read a database is needed to introduce  into a PHP file that creates a connection between the two of them. This is a used predefined PHP function mysql_connect and can be invoked whenever we need a connection to a database. more »

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