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Orange Boston – Upgrade la Android 2.2.1 si root-at

In urma cu ceva timp am intrat in posesia unui smartphone, mai ieftin ce-i drept, dar care isi face treaba. M-a atras faptul ca rula Android, la vremea aceea versiunea 1.6, si cum sunt un utilizator de linux am avut o placere deosebita sa fac niste teste cu aceasta achizitie. Asa cum e in titlu more »

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Orange Boston – Updated to Android 2.2.1 and rooted

Some time ago I came into possession of a smartphone, cheaper it is true, but it does its job. The thing that attracted me to it it’s Android, at that time was version 1.6, and as a Linux user I had some pleasure to do some tests with this acquisition. As in title this smartphone was bought from Orange and it has a custom Android default image based on Android 1.6 . more »

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