Amateur Server – Debian & Virtualmin

I know that when it comes to linux and run many say it’s hard. However, this impression remains only an impression that you remember fondly when you think about it that you ever had.

Needing a web server preferably contains Apache , MySQL and PHP that is not conditional on the money I got and I set up a unit using an older PC.
In Debian , you can install using manuals quite intuitive, the above can be installed following several options but my favorite version was a installation that includes a server manager as Virtualmin . This manager gives me the opportunity to manage multiple servers on the same drive (hardware) and I chose version under GPL (Open Source).
After installing the operating system you run the installation file I downloaded.
In the console use the command:



Running this file is the command:

sudo ./

Once this command starts to run the system will be installed on all the necessary administration web server.

Install Apache (web server), MySQL (database server SQL), PHP, proftpd (FTP server), Postfix (e-mail server) and other tools necessary for the proper functioning of the server.

At the end of running the above command you can access the default page will link
https://localhost:10000 Virtualmin (for those installed on a remote server can access the link by https://IP_Server_remote:10000).
Here you will access a Web page that will ask for the beginning to agree with the site certificate and then require a username and password. They are at first the user who has rights to install.

With the option “Add Server” can add a server (its name) and then it can proceed to editing features. These features keep the path used for Web server (Apache), about the necessary files must be found running the website and database that is used by the server (MySQL).
Virtualmin default template for the way they assume the web server in the folder “/ home / site_name / public_html” and managed database is called “site_name”.

Cost = 0 (Being brought current and internet subscription price)
Legality = 100% (no unlicensed and unpaid software )

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